Assistant Producer


Media Production


POSITION SUMMARY: The Assistant Producer for It Is Written serves primarily as a shooter/editor for It Is Written programs as assigned. Activities include all pre-production, production, and post-production phases to create programming for broadcast, internet and product purposes, including but not limited to: acquisition of studio as well as location/field material and B-roll video for the programs, editing, and motion graphics.


AUTHORITY & ACCOUNTABILITY: Authority as delegated by the Media Director. Responsible for assisting in the production of IIW media content—in accordance with Adventist Media Ministries and North American Division policy and objectives.

● Report directly to the Producer and carry out responsibilities in media production.
● Directing and/or performing all phases of production from inception to completion
● Supervising and Coordinating crew/equipment required for all phases of production in coordination with the Producer
● Ensuring that projects stays on schedule, on budget, and on track
● Operation of the IIW studio facility
● Fulfill other responsibilities and duties as assigned by the Ministry management.



The Assistant Producer is responsible for working out the details of the production as assigned to him/her by the Producer, including preproduction (before the production) tasks, day-to-day production implementation, locations, facilities, equipment, budget, schedules, personnel, and postproduction (after production) work. In other words, once the Producer sets things in motion, the Assistant Producer is tasked with taking the production from the beginning to the very end of the process.

Specific Position Functions

  • Pre-Production
    • Preparing scripts for taping such as assisting in writing or editing (prompter formatting)
    • Location research and scouting
  • Production
    • Works as one-man crew on location or in studio
    • May also need to recruit and direct video crew on location or in studio
    • Manage and set up video/audio equipment, lighting, set arrangement
    • Manage location arrangements/crew and video production acquisition once approved by the Producer
    • Manage/provide for stage and set design, fabrication, set up, and lighting
    • Arrange for talent makeup, wardrobe, and craft services (location & studio)
    • Manage/provide teleprompting (location & studio)
  • Post-Production
    • Manage/provide post-production and video/audio editing
    • Maintain accurate color-correction and luminance levels for broadcast
    • Edit, sweeten and mix audio sources, including SFX, narration, and music
    • Create/provide television graphics and motion graphics
    • Prepare and master programs for broadcast, DVD, and/or internet delivery
    • Coordinate syndication, duplication, and distribution of programs
    • Manage/provide cataloging and archiving of all IIW media/materials/files
    • Maintain and catalog stock video, photos, graphics, and production music libraries





  • Education & Experience
    • Education: Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Film & Television or related field
    • Experience: Television broadcast level production and editing experience, extensive video camera experience with the ability to shoot and record on location as a single person crew. Must be able to demonstrate previous projects in video production.
  • Skills, scope, and complexity of duties
    • Scriptwriting and storyboarding (Word, Pages, Excel)
    • Videography, camera handling, and lighting (studio and location)
    • Video recording and editing; knowledge of video decks & equipment
    • Audio recording and editing; knowledge of audio equipment handling
    • DVD production; all phases, encoding, authoring, mastering
    • Talent makeup and directing, teleprompter operation
    • Set design and fabrication
    • Coordinating and directing video crew on location and in studio
    • Graphic design and motion graphics for television
    • Excellent knowledge and software ability with Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Audition, Encoder, Final Cut Pro, Compressor, Motion, Mac, and PC
  • Other Necessary Skills
    • Must have an expressed commitment to Jesus Christ, the teachings and mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, be a Seventh-day Adventist church member in regular standing, with a desire to serve in a cooperative, spiritually-redemptive, and soul-winning atmosphere
    • Must have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, in English (secondarily Spanish preferred)
    • Must have the ability to work independently or on a team with little or no supervision
    • Must possess excellent time management and organization skills with sharp attention to detail
    • Must be willing to problem-solve, have the flexibility and have the willingness to learn and do new things
    • Must have good interpersonal relationship skills




  • Media Production Director and Associate Directors and other MP staff
  • Department Directors
  • Office staff

Outside IIW:

  • IIW guests and volunteers
  • Principal Contact: Associate Media Production Director.
  • Secondary Contact: Media production director



  • General working conditions of an office and production studio
  • No special clothing or safety gear required
  • Travel flexibility and travel hazards

Typical Physical Demands

  • Requires standing, walking, time at the desk, reaching, climbing, and lifting (maximum of 75 lbs.). Requires manual dexterity sufficient to operate standard A/V equipment such as computers, lights, cameras, audio mixers, and other related equipment. Must be able to operate an automobile and climb stairs without assistance. Requires normal range of hearing and vision.