Associate Department Director for Public Relations


Public Relations



POSITION SUMMARY: The Associate Public Relations Director serves the Voice of Prophecy by building relationships with various publics—including ministry supporters, listeners, Bible students, and many more—thus enabling the ministry to carry out its mission of sharing the Gospel with the world through media and public evangelism.


AUTHORITY & ACCOUNTABILITY: Authority is delegated by the Director of Public Relations. This position is responsible for assisting in the direction of the Ministry in accordance with Adventist Media Center and the Ministry's policy and objectives.



1. Manages the public relations and marketing promotions for selected departments of the ministry. Areas of emphasis include:

a. Digital & Social Media Marketing
b. Print Marketing
c. Video Marketing

2. Assists the department director with any and/or all of the following:

a. Content Creation

i. Overseeing and creating content on the main ministry website and microsites.
ii. Creating product descriptions in the VOP online store.
iii. Writing articles, press releases, social media content, video scripts, and other communication pieces.
iv. Creating a monthly e-newsletter and weekly Discovery Mountain emails.
v. Working closely with the social media specialist and digital marketing committee to create short- and long-term social media campaigns for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
vi. Conducting video interviews at evangelistic meetings and Sponsorship Connections.

b. Event Management

i. Securing and coordinating exhibits at events such as GC Session, ASI Convention, Adventist WestPoint, Pathfinder Camporee, and camp meetings.
ii. Booking staff hotel rooms for the largest events and creating booth schedules.
iii. Staffing booths or arranging for others to staff them.
iv. Working with the creative department to design booths and create giveaway items.
v. Conducting video interviews at evangelistic meetings and Sponsorship Connections.
vi. Assisting with sales at events as needed.

c. Public Relations

i. Submitting ministry broadcasts for award consideration.
ii. Reserving ads in publications and working with the creative department to create display and banner ads.
iii. Providing church entities with photos, bios, and other requested items.
iv. Interact with supporters who get in touch with the ministry to ensure they feel heard and understood.
v. Giving tours of VOP headquarters when main tour guides are unavailable.





1. Personal: Has a close relationship with Jesus Christ and sets a good example for others.
2. Church: Is a member in good standing of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
3. Education: Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in public relations, marketing, or a related field.
4. Experience: Minimum of two years in public relations, marketing, or a related field.
5. Competencies

a. Excellent marketing skills.
b. Excellent writing, editing, and communication skills.
c. Self-starter—able to work independently under pressure and meet deadlines.
d. Good at multitasking.
e. Ability to exercise direction, make decisions, and assume responsibility.
f. Good interpersonal skills.
g. Familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite or related Apple applications. Photoshop/InDesign experience a plus.
h. Flexibility to adapt to urgent projects or unusual situations.
i. Ability to communicate effectively with a variety of constituencies, including donors and board members.



  1. Within the Organization
    a. Speaker/Director, Manager-Treasurer, management, department director, and all staff
  2. Outside the Organization
    a. Executive Committee, church leadership, ministry supporters, listeners, pastors, lay leaders, Bible students
  3. Principal Contact: Department Director



  1. General working conditions of an office.
  2. Requires some travel.
  3. Requires some standing, walking, and work at a desk.
  4. Requires minimal reaching, climbing, and lifting (maximum of 30 lbs.).
  5. Specific requirements:
    a. 38 regular hours per week.
    b. Some weekend work.
    c. Professional attire.
    d. No special safety gear needed.