Communications and Marketing Director


Communications and Marketing


POSITION SUMMARY: Responsible for the promotion and marketing of the BOL ministry through television, radio, video, the internet (inclusive of social media), periodicals, books, products, and displays.


AUTHORITY & ACCOUNTABILITY: Authority as delegated by the BOL Speaker/Director and Ministry Management. Directly responsible to the BOL Speaker/Director.



  • Ensure weekly broadcasts for television and accompanying sound tracks are properly edited and sent to television networks and channels, along with radio broadcasts.
  • Evaluate and select scenes for dramatic and entertainment value and story continuity including weekly broadcasts and video commercials.
  • Trim program segments to specified lengths and reassemble segments into a sequence that presents the story with maximum effect.
  • Review assembled program and make corrections.
  • Oversee and execute the development and maintenance of social media for BOL ministries.
  • Prepare and develop social media content to support and enhance BOL outreach.
  • Ensure social media posts are monitored on a consistent basis, along with analyzing social media channels.
  • Build a community of followers and strengthen interaction with the public.
  • Understand and implement the commonly-used concepts practices and procedures in social media.
  • Stay current with the latest trends in social media.
  • Provide leadership and oversight to the BOL Motion Graphic Artist, Digital Content Specialist, Video Tape Editor, Social Media Strategist, and Graphic Designer in their respective roles.
  • Serve as “ghost writer” and contributing editor/author for the production of books/publications to be authored by the BOL Speaker/Director.
  • Develop and write articles promoting BOL, along with producing articles that report on BOL ministry activities, and submitting them to denominational as well as non-denominational periodicals and journals.
  • Develop and oversee the production of advertisements to be submitted in periodicals and journals.
  • Other projects and duties as assigned by the BOL Speaker/Director.





  • Education: A Bachelor Degree from an accredited college or university. A Communications major or a related field is preferred.
  • Experience: Three years experience in Communications related field. Skills: Production editing and related equipment.
  • Membership: An active member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
  • Skills, scope, and complexity of duties:
    • Must understand the basic theory and have familiarity with Communications and Marketing.
    • Experienced computer and internet skills.
    • Must be capable of using sound judgment while accepting direction from others.
    • Ability to competently express ideas and thoughts reflective of the values of BOL.
    • Good personal relationship skills.
    • Flexibility to adapt to urgent projects of unusual situations.
    • Work within a team to accomplish ministry goals.



Within Ministry:

  • Speaker/Director
  • Manager
  • Department Directors
  • Office staff and field representatives
  • Support services personnel at the Adventist Media Center in Riverside, CA

Outside Ministry:

Listeners, donors, clients, and online following

Principal Contact: Speaker/Director

Secondary Contact(s): Ministry Manager



  • General working conditions of an office and production studio
  • Travel flexibility and travel hazards
  • Physical requirements: requires time at a computer or at desk, along with standing, walking, reaching, climbing, and lifting (maximum of 50 lbs.)
  • Statistics:
    • 38 regular hours per week
    • Will require variable hours and weekend work
    • Office clothing required