Distribution Manager


Media Production


POSITION SUMMARY: Serves It Is Written by managing certain distribution duties for the Media Production department and works alongside distribution staff to enable the ministry to carry out its mission of reaching a spiritually-seeking audience with the distinctive message of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.


AUTHORITY & ACCOUNTABILITY: Authority as delegated by the Media Production Director and directly responsible to the Producers.



Management of It Is Written TV – Livestream
● Maintain dynamic schedules for the Livestream.
● Generate weekly schedules for the website.
● Keep content provider database up-to-date.
● Manage the flow of incoming programs from content providers, their review, and their inclusion in the Livestream.
Management of It Is Written TV – Website
● Input program metadata into It Is Written TV website.
● Adjust air dates for program reruns.
● Coordinate with IT to resolve any technical issues.
Social Media Management
● Upload and schedule mastered content to social media platforms.
● Upload trailer and promo videos to It Is Written TV website for delivery to various It Is Written websites.
● Management of Airtable databases
○ Input program metadata into appropriate databases and adjust when necessary.
● Management of AudioVerse workflow
● Create weekly project status/deadline reports for distribution team.
● Play an integral role in helping the Media Production department develop both short and long-term strategies to improve the department’s efficiency and effectiveness.
● Respond to inquiries that pertain to It Is Written TV.
● Coordinate closely with IT, Marketing, and graphics teams.
● Studio and/or live event work when needed.
● Fulfill other responsibilities and duties as assigned by the Producers.





High school diploma or equivalent required. Bachelor’s degree preferred.

Preferred three to five (3-5) years as a media/communications professional either with an agency or organization.

Membership and Mission:
Embrace the mission and values of It Is Written and be a member in good standing of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Skills, scope, and complexity of duties:

  • Proficient in Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, Microsoft Office, and/or Google equivalent applications (Google Docs, sheets, etc.).
  • Able to learn and adapt to new technologies and software.
  • Able to take direction from superiors and work collaboratively in group environments.
  • Is detail-oriented
  • Self-starter who can exercise direction and independent judgment, manage multiple projects and adapt to urgent projects or usual situations.
  • Exhibits good interpersonal communication skills.
  • Able to exhibit flexibility and adapt to urgent projects or unusual situations.
  • Able to work independently and with minimal guidance.
  • Able to gauge the feasibility of proposed projects within limits of given time and resources.
  • Possesses superb time management and multitasking skills.
  • Able to exhibit Christ-like behavior in daily tasks, collaborative projects, and under stress.
  • Has a solid finger on the pulse of current trends and emerging concepts that have the possibility of benefitting It Is Written’s mission this year, next year, and 5-10years from now.



At It Is Written:
▪ Speaker/Director
▪ Media Production Director & Producers
▪ IT Director and staff
▪ Motion Graphics designers and Creative staff
▪ Marketing/Development Director and staff
▪ General office staff
Outside of It Is Written:
▪ It Is Written vendors, contractors, guests, and volunteers
▪ Entities who provide content for It Is Written TV



Working Conditions:
○ General working conditions of an office.
○ Moderate to occasional high-stress levels due to deadlines and job load.
○ Physical requirements: requires standing, walking, time at the desk, reaching,
climbing, and lifting (maximum of 50 lbs.)

Specific Requirements
○ 38 regular hours per week.
○ Will require some variable hours and weekend work.
○ No special clothing or safety gear is required.
○ Casual business attire suggested.