IT System Administrator


Information Technology


POSITION SUMMARY: Responsibilities include knowledge and configuration of virtual servers, networks switches, firewalls, hosting software, and proxy servers. Must possess knowledge of Mac, Linux and Windows software and their interactions. Must be able to use knowledge derived from on-the-job experience as solutions to problem situations.


AUTHORITY & ACCOUNTABILITY: Authority as delegated by the IT Director--in accordance with It Is Written and North American Division policy and objectives.



  • Setup and install virtual servers
  • Manage virtualization servers and networks
  • Setup and manage backup servers and software
  • Manage data replication
  • Setup and manage server clusters
  • Monitor servers, websites, and systems for any outages
  • Architect and maintain and increasing pool for storing video
  • Architect and maintain an OAauth system
  • Architect and maintain a central API for app communications
  • Manage traffic flow for website, API, and auth systems
  • Provide technical support for users and viewers
  • Other responsibilities as assigned by the supervisor





A Bachelor’s (BS) degree in Information Technology or Computer Science.

Experience with Unix virtualization and server management required 1-year docker experience desired

Membership and Mission:
Embrace the mission of It Is Written and be a member in good standing of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.


  • Knowledge of server clusters
  • Experience with Backup software in a virtualized environment
  • Experience with VLANs and network segregation
  • Experience with Firewall and perimeter guarding
  • Experience with IPv4 and IPv6
  • Willingness to learn new skills and keep knowledge updated
  • Must be user friendly, courteous, have good communication skills, and be self-motivated with the ability to complete tasks with little supervision



  • At It Is Written:
    • Director of Information Technology
    • IT Department Office staff
  • Out of It Is Written:
    • It Is Written guests, volunteers, and viewers
  • Principal Contact: Director IT
  • Additional Contacts: Administration
  • Note: Must possess the ability to deal tactfully and effectively with IT departmental personnel, and office staff on a daily basis. Individuals must remain calm under pressure and exhibit courtesy, diplomacy, a positive attitude, and kindness at all times, both in person and on the telephone. Individuals must exhibit the ability to effectively handle confidential information/situations at all times and maintain a high degree of loyalty and support for the supervisor, department, and Seventh-day Adventist church.



  • General working conditions of an open office and production studio with moderate to high levels of stress – must maintain continuous operation, availability, and efficiency of the servers and network. These systems affect the jobs of our employees. The noise level is moderate in the server room.
  • Must be on call during off times to handle any outages.
  • Physical requirements: requires standing, walking, time at a desk, reaching, climbing, and lifting (maximum of 50 lbs.)
  • 38 regular hours per week
  • May require variable hours and weekend work
  • No special clothing or safety gear required
  • Equipment as justified for position