Ministry: It Is Written

IT Webmaster

POSITION SUMMARY: Position is for a skilled Web developer and website manager with an analytical mind, a detailed understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and a felt calling to evangelism. Webmasters are expected to have a meticulous attention to detail, outstanding problem-solving skills, and content creation and writing skills. In order for you to succeed in this role, you will need to be proficient in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and have solid knowledge, experience in programming applications, and a desire to work for lost souls. Knowledge of Ruby on Rails is desirable. You will be working alongside a team of other developers in creating, maintaining, and updating our websites. You will focus on updating and maintaining the content of our various websites and keeping a cohesive look, feel and message across the various sites hosted by It Is Written.

Video Assistant

POSITION SUMMARY: Must be able to perform basic video and audio editing tasks using Adobe Premiere. The applicant will work with senior editors to perform assemble edits, rough edits, and in some cases fine cuts of various television programs.

General Maintenance Worker

POSITION SUMMARY: Responsible for assisting the Treasurer (Facilities Manager)/Building Committee in the maintenance and systems function of the building and grounds. A skilled Maintenance worker will perform upkeep tasks such as repairs and cleaning. You will be responsible for applying basic repair to the equipment and building systems and ensure facilities are tidy and functional.
Must be reliable with a keen eye for detail. The ideal candidate will have experience and solid technical knowledge and must also possess manual dexterity and physical stamina.